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6MIK OPTIMA Booster Rear Cover for OS Based Engines

6MIK OPTIMA Booster Rear Cover for OS Based Engines [6MIKPOF02]
Price: $34.99
Qty Available Now: 16

6MIK OPTIMA Booster Rear Cover for OS XZ-B, B2102 Speed, Bullitt, LRP, ect [6MIKPOF02]

*Won't fit Atom SV-1 engines

This back plate was designed to create low pressure energy in the ball pockets located at the top of the back plate. When your exhaust port opens it rushes out creating low pressure behind it. As fresh fuel is drawn up from the crankcase these pockets become energized pulling fuel through the back plate runners into the crankcase runners. This is more effective in the mid -> high rpm. In the low rpm the plate is only effective in pulling fuel into the crankcase at a higher velocity through the carburetor and crankshaft. - Ed Bridges of EBMods

*Faster return to idle

*Increased Fuel efficientcy

*Increased Mid-High RPM Power




Wednesday, 25 November 2020
Well I'm trying this on my lrp zz21 long stroke it from EB Mods so it should be good
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