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6MIK Universal Dogbone Shaft Pin Replacement Tool

6MIK Universal Dogbone Shaft Pin Replacement Tool [6MIKPW0130]
Price: $39.99
Qty Available Now: 16

6MIK Universal Dogbone Shaft Pin Replacement Tool [6MIKPW0130]

Works on all 2.5mm - 3mm Pins

Replacement Pins Available from 6MIK:

6MIKPW0132598 –2.5 x 9.8 mm AE 1/10 (10)

6MIKPW0132914 –  2.9 x 14 mm Kyosho (10):

6MIKPW0133115 – 3 x 11.5 mm HB/Xray/Mugen (10):

PW0133128 - 3 x 12.8 mm SOAR/Xray/Mugen (10):

PW0133138 – 3 x 13.8 mm Losi/Xray/Mugen/HB(10):


HB204264 PTK-8267



Tuesday, 20 September 2022
This item is poorly made and not backed up. I even received an emailed dialedhobbies after it broke on the first use !! They said it was my fault. Which I found to be not very polite and impossible to NEVER be defective or made wrong to begin with…The reply from dialedhobbies. “6MIK sells a replacement pin pusher for when it breaks, and states that any time their tool breaks, it is do to improper use.” Sooo I Wasted my money and it was used correctly…. Do not buy! Or wast your money please. Let me be the last.
Socalscuba-aol com
Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Didn't even finish one pin when the tip snapped off...
True hack ah-gmail com
Wednesday, 09 May 2018
This is a great tool so far, well thought out. I've installed about 12 pins so far. No signs of letting up. Kyosho pins are a little tight, so take your time. Highly recommended.
Sal Andriani
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