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Turbo Trax 1/8 Truck Glued (SLW) (2)

VP-Pro Turbo Trax Evo 1/8 Truck Tires Pre-Glued (Pre-mounted) (Soft Long Wear) (2) [VP904G-M1-RY]
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VP-Pro Turbo Trax Evo 1/8 Truck Tires Pre-Glued (Pre-mounted) (SLW) (2)

VP PRO has introduced new 1/8 buggy tyre, with a high wear and high abrasion resistance, which is suitable for abrasive surafces.The new tire is packed with over 2000 individual pins.The tyres are meant to excel on tracks with dusty, bumpy, and sometimes wet and dry areas where more forward grip is desired. The half-height design of the bar still allows flexibility while providing incrediable durability and low wear.

*Compare to Proline Fugitive Lite, JConcepts Reflex, and AKA Double Downs.

VP-Pro Tire Compound Chart:

Red Dot = Super Soft

Green Dot = Soft

Blue Dot = Super-Soft Long Wear

Yellow Dot = Soft Long Wear

Purple Dot = Clay


Wednesday, 18 November 2020
for the first time I attended at US OPEN here in US at El Paso, Texas and I use this set for the track. I like it a lot so far cause this tires has a bite to it. Even if the track get loose still has a lot of forward bite to and really consistent. For wet and dry conditions this tires are really good and doesn't wear as much. This set of tires last all day long with practice, qualifiers, and the mains. So this is my go to tires for my truggy. Still gotta more testing for the others track that I go to and will writing some more feedback on this.
Supercharge101-yahoo com

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