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Pro Tip of the day by Gene Hickerson - How to Glue 1/8 tires so they don't fall off during your race: 


This is aimed at racers who use VP-Pro Tires but applies to every brand of tires. I get complaints sometimes that our Tires don't stick and always fall off, so the rubber must be bad. I have only had my tires fall off a few times in the last 15 years, but I do the same procedure every time when I glue my tires because when I started racing 1/8 driving for Proline, my tires came unglued in the mains all the time back in 2001.

The very first pro tip I learned in 2002 was to dremel the wheels and clean the tire bead. That stopped 99% of my tire issues but I still had some come unglued. The reason was a bad bottle of glue. And occasionally I forgot to dremel the wheels and they would then come unglued.

Now I know what you are thinking, LOL no one dremels their wheels any more, that is old school and a waste of time. So let me explain why this is needed on VP-Pro tires (an every other brand if the same circumstances apply). The tires come from the factory with mold release on the rubber. The first step is to clean the beads with the right stuff. Many pros say simple green works best but it depends on the compound. With VP-Pro tires, non-chlorinated brake clean works better from my tests (I tried everything). But here is the Reason you Must dremel the wheels too - The tires are shipped in a sealed bag from the factory with the wheels in the same bag. While the tires are in the bag with the plastic rims, the mold release touches the wheels and soaks into the plastic. Now the rims are contaminated just like the tires. When you clean the tire bead (and even the rim bead) but do not dremel the rims, the mold release is still in the plastic wheel and the glue won't stick. So your tires fall off.
So here is an example of why you may need to dremel your wheels even if you drive for AKA or Proline or JC. You are packing for a big race. You put all your tires on your wheels and put them back in the bags or a zip lock bag to save space. Then when you get to the track, you pull them out and clean the bead as usual but do nothing to the wheels. Boom, your tires fall off and you can't figure out why. You try a different brand of glue or something else to clean the tire bead and they fall off again in the main. You try to put the blame on everything and everyone but really don't know what happened. The reason they fell off is the mold release got into the plastic rims while they were in the sealed bag, so the glue would not stick. The only fix is to dremel the rims before gluing.

Now if you never let your tires touch the wheels before cleaning them, you can get away with not dremeling the rims. But if you always dremel the rims, the glue always sticks better and you won't have this issue if the rims did contact the tires before being cleaned.
So my Tip is to always dremel the wheels and you will eliminate tire issues 99% of the time. It takes an extra 2 minutes to do but saves tons of headaches and wasted money on tires and entry fees with DNF's. Also get a Phin Design Tire Jig - it makes glueing simple and fast and use this Glue.
Dialed-RC Hobbies Team Manager,
Gene Hickerson

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