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As of October 25th, 2019:

All James Racing Tires are now being glued in the USA at Dialed-RC Hobbies, by our employees. We offer a 100% guarantee that the tires will not come unglued during normal racing conditions. In the past James Tires were glued at the Factory in Taiwan where they are produced. Due to this, Dialed-RC Hobbies was unable to inspect the quality control of the mounting process. This year we received an unacceptable amount of failure complaints, so we are now mounting all tires ourselves. But now that we are gluing all tires in house using the Phin Design Tire Jig, we can promise with certainty that your tires will no longer fall off during a big race.

Terms and conditions:

To make a claim if you ever have a James tire fall off the wheel during normal use with 50% or more tread remaining, please ship the full set of 4 tires to Dialed-RC Hobbies for inspection. If the Dialed-RC Hobbies determines that the tire failed due to an improper glue job, we will provide you with a store credit for the full purchase price of the tires to be used on your next purchase for a replacement set of tires. Consumers are responsible for all shipping charges for returns and replacement tires. Dialed-RC Hobbies has the sole discretion of warranty approval. Any evidence of tampering, improper use or abuse will be denied. Examples of misuse are: using off-road tires on cement or pavement, over revving with tires off the ground such as in back flips which cause the inserts to break, excessive tire sauce causing the glue or insert to break down, etc. Note that racing on abrasive blue groove tracks may result in certain areas of the rubber pulling up from the wheel. This is normal and expected from the extreme conditions and forces placed on the tire/wheel assembly. Tires should be cleaned and inspected after each use and reglued at any points that may have broken away from the plastic rim. Warranty is only for tires that have a bead come completely separated from the wheel which prevents you from finishing a race. Tires that have been cut due to a pipe nail or other sharp object are not covered under warranty. Please email us for a RMA# before returning and for any questions regarding warranty.



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