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VP-Pro USA Tire Compound Chart:
M4 (Model 4) = Super Soft Red Dot
M3 (Model 3) = Soft Green Dot
M2 (Model 2) = Super Soft Long Wear Blue Dot
M1 (Model 1) = Soft Long Wear Yellow Dot
MLW (Model Medium) = Medium Long Wear Silver Dot
MC (Model Clay) = Clay Purple Dot

*SS & Soft are recommended for indoors, in cold weather outdoors, on non-blue groove surfaces, and on low bite or loamy dirt tracks.

*SSLW & SLW & MLW are for outdoor abrasive blue groove surfaces with high wear and in high temperatures.

*Clay compound is for indoor/outdoor damp clay surfaces only in all temperatures.

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Dialed-RC Hobbies Closing Schedule

We will be closed the following dates in 2023 for Races, Holidays, Vacations, etc. Please note the dates and order accordingly. Mar 23rd-26th, Apr 21st, Apr 27-May 1st, May 19th, Jul 4th, Jul 26-31st, Sep 14-18th, Oct 20th, Nov 23-26th, Dec 25th.

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