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Dialed-RC Carbon Black Hybrid Dish Wheel Truggy Rim Pack (4)

Dialed-RC Carbon Black Hybrid Dish Wheel Truggy Rim Pack (4)[DRH-TRB02]
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Dialed-RC Carbon Black Hybrid Dish Wheel Truggy Rim Pack (4)[DRH-TRB02]

These new Ultra Lite, Ultra Stiff, and Ultra Durable Hybrid Wheels from Dialed-RC takes 1/8 truggy wheel performance to a whole new level. The unique dish/spoke Hybrid wheel saves weight for less rotating mass, more control in the air, and faster acceleration. But they are not just lighter, they are extra stiff in all the right places. The special Carbon Plastic mix provides a wheel that stays true and doesn't warp from jumps and bumps, yet still offers flex to absorb the impacts wheels face in Off-Road racing. The flex also provides more grip for low traction surfaces, yet are rigid enough for 100'f+ Temperatures. When using these compared to standard dish wheels offered by most brands, your buggy will feel more planted and precise because they don't fold over like a pancake around high speed sweepers and on the face of large jumps. When the wheels do flex on impact, they quickly spring back to a round shape unlike the oval shape of most brands that use plastic that is too soft and warps when used in extreme heat conditions. Garanteed not to crack in cold weather as well. They were tested in 35'f weather by Dialed-RC Team Drivers.

The black wheels feature not only a unique look, they have a textured bead for easy and secure gluing to the rubber. Simply clean the bead with acetone on a clean microfiber towel for a sure bond everytime. To take the old school look to another level, add the Ultra High-Tack Dialed-RC Wheel Dots available in small and large in Fluorescent Yellow and White. You will be sure to get a double take look when your buggy hits the track with the new Dialed-RC Carbon Hybrid wheels on your 1/8 Buggy!

"These are my new favorite wheels on the market for 1/8 buggy. They work in every condition and glue up so easily. They don't get stained by GA red clay, and I love the look of the Flo Yellow wheel dots on them. If you want to feel "Connected" and "One" to your buggy, give these wheels a try, you will not be dissapointed!

Gene 'the machine' Hickerson"

*Sold in packs of 4 wheels. Wheel Dots sold separately.


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