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V4 SSLW - Yellow Spoke Wheels

DIALED-RC V4 SSLW 1/8 Buggy Tire Combo With Inserts, Yellow Cobra Spoke Wheels, and Sidewall Stiffeners
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The DIALED-RC Version 4 tire is a standard square mini pin. It is a cross between 2 of the most popular tires of all time - the Pro-line Hole shot and Jconcepts Reflex, for the best of both worlds. Whether the track surface is wet and loamy or dry and grooved, this tire is guaranteed to work well everywhere.

Designer Gene 'the machine' Hickerson had this to say:

V4-  This tire is based off my third all time favorite tire that every brand has- a square mini pin tire. The goal with this one is to provide traction on all surfaces while still providing long life so it can last in 45 minute A-mains. This is another “Goto” tire that will work on any track and any condition. It’s a safe bet if you don’t know what tire works best at a new track you visit.


DIALED-RC Tire Compound Chart

US - Black Dot Ultra Soft (Use on Cold Damp Slick Surfaces in <50'f)

SS - Green Dot Super Soft (Use on Cold Damp or Wet Slick Surfaces in <70'f)

SSLW - Silver Dot Super Soft Long Wear (Clay Mix) (Use on Cool Damp Low-Medium Traction Blue Grooves With or Without Tire Conditioner Sauce)

SLW - Double Silver Dot Soft Long Wear (Clay Mix) (Use on Warm Medium-High Traction Blue Grooves)

CSS - Silver/Purple Dot Super Soft Clay (100% Clay) (Use on Cold Damp Clay or Treated Blue Grooves in all Temps)

CS - Purple Dot Soft Clay (100% Clay) (Use on Damp Clay or Warm Treated High Traction Blue Grooves in all Temps)

S - Double Green Dot Soft (Use on Warm Dry Dirt in >70'f)

M - Orange Dot Medium (Use on Hot Dry Dirt in >80'f)

MXL - Aqua Dot Xtra Long Wear (Clay Mix) (Use on Abrasive High Traction Blue Grooves in all Temps)

H - Double Orange Dot Hard (Use in Extreme Heat on Dry Dirt or Abrasive Surfaces in >90'f)

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