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1/8 Buggy Cobra Spoke Wheels (Yellow) (4)

DIALED-RC 1/8 Buggy Cobra Spoke Wheels (Yellow) (4)
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DIALED-RC is happy to announce the release of our Patent Pending Cobra 1/8 Buggy Wheels that were designed in the USA. These wheels were meticulously designed to handle even the harshest conditions in RC Off-Road Racing. Whether you race in extreme temperatures on abrasive treated tracks, or in extreme cold on slick bumpy surfaces, DIALED-RC has an option for you.

These unique and innovative wheels feature 2 Fangs that Bite into the foam inserts to hold them perfectly centered on the wheel without having to use glue or double sided tape. This saves time when mounting the tires, and allows the inserts to be easily removed and reused in another set of tires once the rubber wears out to save you money as well. The benefits of these Cobra Fangs include better straight line tracking, a truer tire profile, more stability around high speed corners, more even tire wear, more traction on power because the inserts can expand with the tire to keep better tire contact with track surface at all times, prevents unnecessary foam and tire wear, and simply makes your buggy feel more connected to the ground at all times regardless of track conditions.
The Cobra Wheels also feature a sandpaper mounting bead surface so you do not have to dremel them for maximum glue adhesion. And an ultra smooth mirror finish face that makes cleaning the clay and dirt off an ease.
Once you try the DIALED-RC Cobra Wheels, you will never want to run another wheel on your buggy again!
The Cobra Wheel will be available in 6 configurations: Black, White, and Yellow in Dish and Hybrid Spokes. Although both the Dish and Spoke Wheels will work in any condition, they offer much different handling and should be considered another tuning option.
The Cobra Dish Wheel is your standard stiff wheel for high bite surfaces, smooth surfaces, and hot weather use. The two Fangs also add extra rigidity to the center and inside edge of the wheel so that it resists flexing and deforming around high speed sweepers and on jump takeoff and landings. This makes your wheel stay true and round and firm from the start of a main event to the very last lap. Most wheels get softer the more you run them but the Cobra Wheels stay more consistent throughout the race. This gives your buggy the most precise and connected feel on high speed and high traction tracks.
The Hybrid Dish/Spoke wheels not only adds style, they are also a tuning option with handling differences. The Spoke cutouts allow the wheel to flex more than the Dish Wheels. This adds traction on slick surfaces and in cold weather, and absorbs impacts better in bumps and ruts. If you are looking for a less twitchy smoother feel that makes your buggy easier to drive and less aggressive, the hybrid spoke wheels are what the doctor ordered.
Available in March of 2024 exclusively from DIALED-RC.
Worldwide Distributor and Dealer inquiries welcome.

*Sold in pack of 4 wheels.


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